Globe Consulting provides detailing and drafting services, along with consulting and assisting services for General Contractors, Architects and Engineers throughout each phase of the project.

We believe in an individual approach to every project, large or small, so for every project we appoint a project manager. They are there to coordinate our performance and serve as your contact person ready for any discussion, need, or requirement 24/7. All our drawings are made to meet your requirements (layers, dimension styles, layouts, details, CAD standards).

We can prepare technical drawings on basis of general project designs saved in any file format, or printed.

  • Floor Plans & Roof Plan
  • Site Plan & Details
  • Exterior Details, Section Details & Plan Details
  • Window, Door & Room Finish Schedules
  • Ceiling & Soffit Details
  • Wall Types & Rated Wall Assemblies
  • Elevator Plans, Sections & Details
  • Millwork Plans, Elevations & Details
  • Window & Door Details
  • Stair Plans, Sections & Details
  • Building Sections & Wall Sections

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